Idea, offer and money from Thodoris Kaloudis, hard work, toil and exhaustion from me and my new young editor Katerina Karakizi. It was on good paper, with an expensive cover, but had a short life as it was born and tried to grow in mid-crisis… Cyberella is the successor to Top Woman, on the internet of course. «No time for  Cinderellas......»

Send me all your news on female entrepreneurship (however much and wherever it still exists, I’m not living in cloud-cuckoo land), news, information about unemployed women, etc.
You know what..!

What I wrote then in the Top Woman editorial:

«The first quarterly Business Woman magazine in Greece designed for and targeting front-page women.

“TOPWOMAN targets all women of creative age in Greece or those who are active at an international level. From the young teenager up to the middle-aged lady with high-speed activity. It talks about women who got to the top and how they got there, as well as about those who are still on the bottom rung. It speaks of and informs its readers about those women that ‘have the knack’, who stand out and why, how they made it without losing their femininity. She is not a strict version of the women in a suit who dreams of resembling a man in power, but instead of opening up a new cycle, a new era of women who have it all, want it all, are capable of combining it all without falling short in any role and above all without going against their most wonderful biological element: the fair sex that became strong.”

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