I started out at ΕRΤ 2 as a newscaster, editor and reporter of international news, while in 1988 I presented the first breakfast show on Greek television with Aris Skiadopoulos, editors in chief were the dear departed Thodoros Sgourdaios, the gentleman of journalism, and Vissarionas Stavrakas who passed away so prematurely.

In the same year I covered Greece’s Presidency of the EU and was given the opportunity to interview Francois Mitterrand, Margaret Thatcher and Felipe Gonzalez in Rhodes.

The first «Proina (In the Mornings)» I co-presented with my sweet friend Stella Papadopoulou, who still reads the news today, and with Giannis Milingos and Michalis Mylonas as directors. "Proina" was the starting-point for many future stars such as Nikos Evangelatos, Aris Portosalte, Giorgos Giorgiadis, Tasos Teloglou and others. Ioustini Frangouli, then a journaliston "Proina", made the decision to follow the love of her life to Canada and is today a well-known author. And as for Spiros Ornerakis who did the cartoon of the day on the programme, what can I say… one of the best people I have worked with in my life.

I must mention here the untiring editors such as Thanos Soimiris who truly taught me what it means to cut and sew footage, as well as my fellow producers Vassilis Koutouzis and Takis Georgopoulos, the editor Stathis Karras, a talented journal at the Estia who exuded kindness, while his humour and clever comments will go down in history.

At ΕΡΤ I learnt and was taught television by people such as Vassilis Blahodimitropoulos and Megaklis Vintiadis, two super directors. Such a kind soul, Vassilis, he always gave told me «we’re flying at 2,000 feet» or «we’re going in to land», terms referring to his passion for flying. Megaklis also a mega-director, he had passion, imagination in whatever we did together, like the special Easter show with Charles Aznavour that we filmed at the Rex. I was also sent to Pakistan and the Philippines where I interviewed the Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, and the President, Corazon Aquino.

At ΕΤ2 I «was shaped» and I «shaped» as I tried my hand at absolutely everything: From innumerable sleepless nights during the Gulf War (director Achilleas Vogiatzis at my side through the long nights and the bombs…), presenting the first infotainment with Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner, telemarathons, late-night news bulletins, marathon news broadcasts, to the world circus championship, a co-production from ERT with RAI and the BBC. I never said no to anything that was proposed as I was soaking it all up like a sponge, I was constantly undertaking new initiatives, such as going to the Philippines to meet the then President Corazon Aquino, and when I suggested this, the then President of ERT looked at me askance.

An unforgettable experience the time spent at ERT2 by Alekos Papadopoulos (a very good and capable person), who even sent me to present the Patras Carnival with Argyris Kousouris, the gentleman of State television. With ERT having the monopoly at that time, the truth is that all those of us with enthusiasm and ambition had ‘our fingers in many pies’, although we always based our work on classical journalism, whether we did the news or entertainment programmes. Another unique opportunity was also given to me at that time by the embassies of France, England and America, which granted me scholarships for training in Paris, London and Washington respectively, at their major television networks or at newspapers like Le Monde and the Independent. My farewell interviews at ERT with George and Barbara Bush and Pavarotti took place in the summer of 1990. Returning from my summer holidays, I saw my post had been taken by Nina Vlachou (we laugh about it with Nina today). Youseethen, andnowofcourse, party politics were taken into consideration, regardless of the fact that I had become an experienced journalist under PASOK, New Democracy had to replace me (and as the Greek proverb says, madness doesn’t go to the mountain, it goes to people, exactly the opposite occurred in 2010 in a much worse way) Ow!

I went to ERT as a girl and left as a lady, who could have foreseen my second eventful departure… in 2010.

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