I returned to ERT in 2005 when the Olympics finished and I said good-bye to Alpha. I went with the idea in mind for a programme on European issues, along-time dream constantly being fed by Greece’s increasingly close relationship to the European Union.

I ended up presenting a midday bulletin on ET-1 and a few months later following a proposal by the ERTWORLD executive (former chief information officer for Athens 2004) Yiannis Provis, a programme on the Greek Diaspora. That was how «Greek Panorama» was born, a programme that Iliterally started from scratch by creating the concept and for which I worked like a newly-minted journalist. The idea of my contacting Greeks overseas, of communicating with people who had come to know me a little through the Olympic Games, was a huge challenge.

The main idea was based on spreading good news from all sectors of life in Greece. In actual fact the second year we didn’t invite any politicians on to the programme but instead all that was, and indeed is, great, wonderful and true in this country, like young pioneering scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, people with dreams and visions who deserve to be brought to our attention. Alongside me working like dogs, a far cry from the civil servant style, were my directors Stelios Roussos and Irene Kokkota, producers Kyriakos Georgiou, Vicky Tseliou and Eftyhia Meleti, and of course my untiring editors, Kostas Parras and Yiannis Koronaios. The Greek Panorama, «a good beginning makes a bad ending»… for me and my associates it ended in a pack of lies and a bout of mud-slinging by misanthropists in unholy alliances. Decadent little Greece, how easily you acquire followers.

What a shame! GreeceLovers and GreeceloverSeas is my answer to dismal little Greece. Irepresentthe Greece that is good and decent and until the day I die I will devote myself to the good and decent Greeks wherever they may be.
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