Mara Markopoulou
First of all I would like to congratulate you for this page.

I was brought up in Chios, my beloved island. I left when I was 18 years old, when I went to Athens to study Law. Since then I’ve lived in Athens, the greatest city and more wonderful to live, because the beauties of the city are so many….. and more to find out.

Then, the last 16 years I live and work at Santorini. My child hood memories from my island are so many. We were playing in the streets without any fear till sunset, till our mother gave the signal to go home, like “girls it’s time to come home”. We were sleeping in our gardens, because we had a very strong and tide community and never lock the doors of our homes, sleeping with the windows open. I can not describe the pic nics at the country side, the nature, the flowers at spring time, the love we were getting from everybody.

And then in Athens, walking the streets at any time till early morning, enjoying the university life, like every student should do. Again living in Athens with the doors and the windows open, all day long. Santorini is still the same. You may behave and live as I’ve described above. Greece is our country, the most beautiful country in the earth for us Greeks, the country we want to save and they don’t listen to us. You can enjoy the country and live together with us and then you’ll be able to share the memories and great moments with everybody. And I am very sure of this.

I am Greek, live in Greece, I believe in Greece and I’m writing in English, because I want everybody to hear me.

Thank you,

Mara Markopoulou

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