My friends, my viewers, good evening,

Tonight we are going to travel together through the international and Greek history of the last 25 years to become better acquainted with political myths, Hollywood stars, prominent diaspora Greeks.

A journey though my journalistic eyes, a voyage through the Clashing Rocks of the television brotherhood, a route amidst Cyclopes and Laistrygonians, with myths and fairytale spinners, with shining stars and drones, with wars and peace, with bad news all the time, because good news is no news…

I met with historical personalities from the European and International political scene, such as Francois Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac, Edward Heath, Valery Giscard d’Estaing, Giovanni Goria, Felipe Gonzalez, Margaret Thatcher, Oulof Palme, Jose Manuel Barroso, Michel Rocard, Jack Lang, Lionel Jospin, Simone Veil, Yasser Arafat, Benazir Bhutto, Corazon Aquino. In Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii, I came face to face with Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Charlize Theron and other famous names from the movie scene.

I would like via technology to travel with you on this fascinating trip, to share with you the omissions and the unexpected that happened every time, in every interview. How for example I spilt all my tea over Walesa, how I lost all my luggage on arrival in Pakistan, how I accidently bumped into Anthony Quinn in Los Angeles and Jack Nicholson in Paris.

That is Part I of my life and my career. Part II will begin from the 3+1 windows you see above the welcome and in the site menu.

GreeceLoversLovers of Greece - Philhellenes
I will ask foreigners, famous or otherwise, but definitely friends of Greece, to send their love, their memories or to express their desire to visit it, although they know it as the «blacksheep» of the international community due to the globalization of the bad news surrounding the Greek crisis.

This also will be the chat window with Greeks abroad with whom I will also talk about the second Greece that exists «where the heart is».

My goal is to create an international chain of love, beautiful memories, positive views on Greece from famous and non-foreign philhellenes, as well as to remind the diaspora Greeks to send whatever will boost our morale. So spread the word around about the site to both strangers and friends, to your Greek relations and friends who live abroad and ask them to answer the following questions:

  1. What is your most beautiful memory or the image you have of Greece and the Greeks that you would like to share with us now that my country needs friends more than ever? (Send us photos, videos or whatever else you like).
  2. When do you intend to visit Greece and what is the first thing you think of that you would like to do or see here?
I am gradually going to start up contact again with working women and women in business, providing information and ideas that will be of interest to all female members of the public. As for Part III also for Top Woman, the magazine I published only 3 issues of before it has tily closed down due to the crisis.

Media Training
As far as Media Training is concerned I will be available for whoever and however many of you wish to improve their familiarity with correct speech pronunciation, infallible articulation, improving their voice when speaking before the public, from the podium or bench, on the television or the radio or simply addressing their colleagues.

A mini-school for media training by E.N.

My site will provide you with an easy link to my blog where I will present a news bulletin with selected news and information from the international online press, good news for Greece, and my personal choices of topics from the serious to the not so serious but which may be of interest. Iwillbedelightedtorespondtoquestions, queries, information. Iamhappytowelcomeyou on board this trip that lasted 25 years ON AIR and is to continue online.
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